Purchasing Devonthink Pro

Hi Guys, I’m looking to purchase the pro version of DT. There seems to be a few discount codes on the internet 10% is the best I’ve seen so far. Do DT generally have sale periods? A few pieces fo software I use seem to have sales in Jan. Does anyone know from previous years if this is the case or where I can get a better discount code from? Thanks.

The only recurring promo I’m aware of is The Festival Of Artisanal Software (SummerFest) during which DEVONthink is offered at a 25 % discount I think. A quick look through the forum suggests that at best 10 % is what you are looking at otherwise. Far be it for me to tell you how to spend your money, but I’m one of the users here on the forum who thinks DT is worth far more than it costs. It’s money well spent on software and a team which continues to very actively develop and support that software.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing discount codes but I strongly suggest you stay away from such sites purporting to have discounted licenses available.
We do some promotions through the year and particpate in SummerFest and WinterFest.

And as @Blanc noted, the software is worth the money and also support not just our team but our families as well.


To add to my own post - and please let say that I am thoroughly aware that I am well off and that not everybody is so fortunate - I’d like to point to a thread I posted some while back, and to the topic linked within that thread. There are a good number of users here who find DEVONthink and DEVONtech invaluable. I remain happy to support and recommend the company.

Please excuse that I have gone off on a tangent a little, pushing you to pay more rather than offering you sources of discounts. I don’t mean it that way; wait for discounts by all means - but if you do pay the lot, you can do so in the knowledge that it could cause a warm fuzzy feeling :slight_smile:


I have to add that those “coupon sites” are most for collect user data and get information to spam people. Most of them invent the promo codes, like DEVON10, and so, as some sites have those enable by default as the standard shop software have, and they try. Most positive reviews are fake, and they regularly delete negative ones.


Guys, thanks for the replies. and @Blanc noted about your second post - thanks.

I’m in no way saying the software isn’t worth the full price and I’d be happy to pay the full price to use it and that includes the value I’d get from the forum, which by the way seems very good. However what I will say is that I like a lot of other products e.g. Apple, Dyson… but if there are any sales or discounts available for these then I’ll use them - why not? The business has offered these for a reason and surely builds them into a marketing plan and feels they want to offer them. I have a business and we offer discounts and I expect people to use them. Now, if it were a charity then that is completely different.

On of the reasons I asked the question is a lot of software companies offer discounts, I am forever getting 20%, 50% off of Wix website builder, I don’t know DT technologies as a company so I didn’t want to get caught out paying full price then finding out there were discounts a week later. I know that is not the case with DT Technologies now though.

I agree there are a lot of unscrupulous discount code sites out there and that’s really one of the reasons I was posting on the forum, to get genuine ways of purchasing the software.

Thanks for your input guys. I’ll be purchasing it over the next few days.

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25% sale started yesterday, Tuesday Dec.21. I purchased DT standard for $75.


Thanks for the heads-up, much appreciated. I was just about to purchase it too. I’ve now used the code to get it. Thanks again.