Question on upgrading from DTTG2 to DTTG3

Hello~ So excited that DTTG 3 is released. Thanks for the hard work!

I would like to ask for some clarification on the upgrade behaviour.

DTTG 3 imported the databases and sync setting from DTTG 2. Can I keep both version? Do DTTG 3 share the data with DTTG 2? (In other words, when DTTG 3 transfer data from DTTG 2 on first use, does it duplicate or just share the data with DTTG 2?) Will this take double space? Shall I turn on/off sync on both versions to avoid conflict?

Or would you simply not recommend keeping the old version after I upgrade?

Thank you!

Someone more qualified than I will surely answer your question, but why? What problem are you hoping to fix by retaining an old bit of software that surely is now redundant. The “why” is important to understand as it may well overcome the risk of not deleting it.

When you install version 3 it duplicates the data store and migrates it to the newer database model. Thanks to APFS this takes only a fraction of a second and also consumes near to no additional disk space. The sync setup is fully moved to version 3 so that there are no conflicts.

You can keep version 2 on the device but its data will not change when V3 syncs. You’d need to set up sync for it again and then sync both generations separately.

When you remove the older version DEVONthink To Go 3 will remove the legacy copy of the data store after a few weeks to make sure it doesn’t unnecessarily use disk space when the two copies begin to diverge.

@eboehnisch sorry for getting back late. Thank you for your clarification. This is very useful.

@rmschne I guess just keeping it around for a while since v3 app is still new. Can switch back immediately in case of any issue. But certainly using DTTG 3 as my daily driver, as the CloudKit sync improvement is so huge.

My version 3 sync does not contain the full DTTG 2 database. How can I fix this? This process should have been better communicated in my opinion. I’m also not sure how it works with my
Desktop versions which I also have 2 of now. Very confusing overall.

What exactly do you experience? After installing DTTG 3 it should start with an exact copy of the version 2 database … unless you installed it earlier in which the two versions continued their life uncoupled from then on.

Please check that the sync settings in version 3 are what you expect and sync. It should bring everything up-to-date with, e.g., the data from the Mac or other iOS devices.