Remembering reading position


I noticed that the reading position of a pdf document is not saved correctly when more than one side is displayed at the same time (usually on landscape documents). You just have to toggle between two documents to increase the position by one page and so on.


have to toggle between two documents to increase the position by one page and so on.

Could you clarify what you mean by this?
And are you referring to viewing a PDF in Two Page mode?

I am viewing in one Page continuous mode and I can get 2,5 Sides displayed on my screen with this.

Example: The document reading position is on Page 10. Now I switch to another document and back to the first. Now the position is on Page 11. Without doing anything else the page position increases everytime when selecting the first document again.

A screen capture or screencast would be helpful.


So PDF A is on page 1.
You select PDF B.
You switch back to PDF A and it’s now on page 2?

I have confirmed this but only using the same configuration as you, which is definitely unusual.
Do you usually compress the view/edit like this? If so, I’m curious why.

@cgrunenberg it happens if you compress the view/edit pane until there areat least three pages in the PDF showing, even if that’s only a small amount of the third page, like so…

Yea, that’s what I Do… is this really unusual to do?

I need the space because I have 7 document properties displayed at minimum and sometimes longer filenames (sorry, not in screenshot).
And remember, this is a landscape document. The other portrait documents are looking good with this setup except that not all of the columns can be displayed well.

Actually I didn’t want to mention here but as you ask why I do this.

A big preview as well as lots of document columns at the same time… how do you do that (honest question) ? For me this was 3pane in horizontal layout and with enlarged embedded page thumbs.

If I now switch to horizontal layout I am fine with the columns but the document becomes much too big for reading.
The only way to show 7 document columns and have a usable preview at the same time would be to enlarge the sidebar in a massive way.

That’s why I often need to rearrange/resize everything and I have heavy use of the separator as mentioned in other posts.
… and all of this is even worse on my MacBook.

is this really unusual to do?

It’s the first I’ve ever seen, but if it suits your needs then go for it. It’s not a right or wrong thing. The only issue I see is the page changing issue I confirmed.

DEVONthink just remembers the current page. Unfortunately the numbers returned by the PDFkit are not always the expected ones since Sierra, especially in case of multiple visible pages. One workaround might be to use another PDF display mode.