Remove all sync data from Mobile Documents

I have 10GB of data placed by DEVONthink in a “DEVONthink” folder deep in Mobile Documents. I have cleaned the iCloud (CloudKit) sync location. No databases are selected for sync. I have removed all databases from DEVONthink to Go on the three mobile devices that were syncing. I have cleared out all documents and tags from the Global Inbox. There should be nothing in that “DEVONthink” folder in Mobile Documents, but it keeps persisting. The source databases that were formerly used synced are all located in Documents on the desktop and have never been stored anywhere but there.

Will anything bad happen to my remaining DEVONthink databases / data on the desktop if I just delete that folder from Mobile documents?

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Did you previously use iCloud (legacy)? I was wondering whether this post is relevant to you.

If the sync data is still on Apple’s servers, iCloud processes can download this data to your machine at its whim.

Go into System Preferences > Apple ID> iCloud and click the Manage button. Select DEVONthink To Go, the press the button to delete the documents.
This won’t happen instantly but iCloud should clean out the sync data in Apple’s servers.

Thank you. Yes, I did, but those the iCloud(legacy) sync stores were cleaned and cleared years ago. They are long gone.

Thank you, Jim. It’s frustrating how poorly Apple designed its interfaces for iCloud with lack of end-user clarity. I’ve tried your advice, and that panel reported “error” when I tried to delete the DEVONthink data. I’ll try again a few times.

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100% agreed re: Apple’s black box approach. I get it for a layperson’s “fire and forget” needs but there should be other controls available when the situation requires it.