Restore DevonThink DB from DevonThink To Go

Hello everyone.

I’m having a hard time transitioning from DevonThink 2 to 3.

I was using DevonThink 2 on my old MacBookPro (macosx 10.11.6) synced with my iPhone 8 (iOS 15.1). Now I’ve got a new MacBookPro (12.1)

Unfortunately DevonThink 2 will not open on my old mac. It crashes after 3-5 sec of running.
But I do have a copy of my DevonThink DataBase on my iPhone (ca. 4 GB).

So what is the fastest way to copy my DB back to my new mac? What process do you recommend?

Any help is much appreciated!

Simply copy the database files from your old mac to your new mac, e.g. using a USB thumb drive. Then open the database with DT3 on the new mac.

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To restore from the iPhone set up a sync store (e.g. on iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV) and upload your databases to it. Then set up the same sync store on the Mac and download the databases. You can also make the Mac or iPhone the Bonjour sync server (in the sync settings) and establish a direct connection. Then sync from iPhone to Mac.

@BLUEFROG, could you assist @sr0th here, please?

Thanks. My appologies, but I didn’t recognize that I had to click on the Sync-Option to specify and enable the Datebases to be synced… -.-

That should definitely the fastest option. Just copy the contents of the ~/Library/DevonThink 2 folder to ~/Library/DevonThink 3?

No; DEVONthink 3 does not store the databases in the user library any more. Copy them to /Databases in your user directory. You only need to copy the databases (which IIRC use dtBase2 or some such ending; the format is unchanged for DT3).

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Sorry, I’m sure this is answered somewhere else already…
But I can’t find a file named *.dtBase2 in my old ~/Library/DevonThink2 directory.

That would be from DEVONthink 2 Personal which did not support having multiple databases.

How is DEVONthink To Go synced on your mobile device?

I see. I guess it was DT2 Personal then.

The DT To Go was synced via dropbox (discontinued). But I guess then this is the only option to restore the content?

This worked. Migration 2 to 3
Thank y’all!

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Glad to hear it :slight_smile: