RSS first entry


for the last couple of days i’ve noticed the following phenomenon (DTPO, yosemite):

when i click on an rss feed to read the new entries, then the first entry in the list (sorted by “date added”) is not shown. it only shows after scrolling down one entry. of course this is not a serious problem, but maybe it’s easy to fix…


Which view do you use or could you post a screenshot? Thanks!

attached is a screenshot, hope this works.

as i said, i sort by “date added” (“Hinzugefügt am”). the problem occurs consistently, also in the entries seen on the screenshot.



hi christian,

here are two more observations that might help you:

  1. the problem only occurs in RSS feeds where there are more entries than fit in the window (showing the entries).

  2. it does not matter whether there are new entries in the list or not, it is always the first entry of a list that is longer than the space available in the window view



Same here with OS10.10, DtPO 2.8.1 in 3-pane view, sorted for “modified” with the latest items on top of the list.
It’s only the last most recent single item that I have to scroll for to see it. It is constant no matter if the item is read or unread. You can also click it, switch to another feed and back again and it will not be shown.

And yes, good point, see above: it is only when the preview window lists so many items, that the scroll bar appears.

Thanks for the replies, the next maintenance release will fix this glitch.