rtf highlights workaround in iPad?

My academic workflow involves typing in a list of all the notes for a book into a RTF file in DTPO. This creates long documents, so I highlight key passages.

The problem is that these highlights are not visible with DTTG on the iPad. With PDF’s, I can’t see the highlights, but I can open them in PDF Expert or iAnnotate, which is fine. But I haven’t found any app that would allow me to do the same thing with RTF.

I am aware of all the reasons why this happens, but I was wondering if anyone has found a workaround for this problem, or has workflow suggestions. Any app I should try? Or should I use a different system for my note-taking? (TXT won’t work, because I need italics, bold, and highlights).

many thanks.

See Editing Rich Text documents

That was the fastest response ever! I request it one day, and the next day there’s an update addressing it. Thanks.