Save usage of Nisus Writer RTFs in DEVONthink

Hi there,

I’m a new Nisus Writer Pro user (and happy, it’s a fantastic app). Like others I had to discover that opening and saving Nisus RTFs in other apps (such as TextEdit or DEVONthink) destroys styles and other Nisus specific stuff. That’s a known issue with Nisus Writer, several topics here and in the Nisus forum.

Anyway I want to store some Nisus files in DEVONthink, but of course I don’t want the danger of accidently destroying them, neither do I want to treat them with special caution (which would result in human error in the long run).

The simple solution to prevent damage of Nisus RTFs outside of Nisus Writer: I don’t use them. Instead I’ve set the default format to Nisus Compressed Rich Text which is a normal Nisus RTF packed in an archive.

No other app can open these files, thus there’s no danger anymore, plus DEVONthink opens them directly in Nisus Writer - very nice!

Only downside with using Nisus Compressed Rich Text files is that they can’t be viewed with Quick Look and DEVONthink (and other apps) can’t look inside the archive, so they’re only searchable by name.

But there’s a Smart Rule solution that makes them searchable in DEVONthink 3 by text content.

(I’ve also changed the default app for RTFs back (from Nisus Writer) to TextEdit so there’s no chance of opening them in Nisus Writer, adding Nisus styles and accidently destroying them in another app later.)

Thanks for the tip! Are all your imported RTF documents created by Nisus Writer? Then a smart rule could lock the RTF on import.

Yes, imported ones are created by Nisus Writer, but I also have a Nisus template in DEVONthink which means all RTFs would be locked by a Smart Rule (which would be no problem).

But I’ll definitely use “Nisus Compressed Rich Text” from now on because there’s absolutely no chance of user error :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes but they’re only good for ‘archival’ purposes since there’s no chance of editing them in DT3 either. I suppose if you don’t mind always opening them with Nisus and only viewing them in DT3 then - yeah.

Looks like they are visible and searchable now!