Saving information found on the web

Still learning Devonthink. So after saving web pages as bookmark, I found that the search function in Devonthink only search in the title, not the content. That doesn’t work for me. The goal of the database would be to find information!

what is the best way to save in Devonthink information found on the web, so that I can do a search?


See e.g. Search text within webpages in a Devonthink db, not just the page titles

I prefer dragging a selected area from Safari to DEVONthink in the Dock, this creates a webarchive of this area.

You added a bookmark. A bookmark is not the page itself so logically you’re not going to be able to search for content that isn’t there.

You need to clip to a content-based format, like PDF.

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Thanks. Clutter-free formatted note seems to work for my goal.

But webarchives are deprecated by Apple (and where never supported on any other platform, afaik). See the thread on webarchives somewhere else in this forum.

Therefore, it might be better to go with MD or PDF.

You’re welcome. We’re glad the formatted note option is working for you. :slight_smile: