Scanner recommended

I moved to Devonthink Pro Office + Devonthink to GO as my main storage of documents. I am a teacher and a photographer so I have a lot of documents to scan and organize!

By the moment I am using an iOS app to scan some documents but I need something to scan batch documents and maybe to print from time to time.

My question is it is recommended to go to Scansnap (Even is a 32 bits app) or go to other printer + scanner solution.
Can I make with normal scanner+printer same that with scansnap scanner? Can I automate the things (Maybe using Hazel or whatever) and have the same funtionallity?

Any recommendation for a perfect scanner and printer all in one that works nicely with Devonthink?
Thanks in advance!!

Looks nobody have an advice… :frowning:
I want to add that I need to scan a lot of documents but not big amount all the time. At the beginning I will need to scan a lot of contracts and exams but on the daily basis, I don’t think that I need to scan, more than ten documents.

Do you think I need a dedicated scanner or nice all-in-one printer with a built-in scanner will be enough?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I would say a nice all-in-one would be a good option for light scanning purposes. You just need to make sure it’s supported on your operating system.

Thanks Jim!

You’re welcome. :smiley:

I have a Scansnap AND an all in one HP. I find the Scansnap is superb for most scanning, I wouldn’t be without it. Very easy to use and quick, plus a small footprint. The flatbed on the HP is useful for non-standard documents, and of course has the print and other functions too.

My perfect scanner is ScanSnap iX500 wireless.

New software for Mojave out in a few days. … ojave.html

Yes… the IX500 is the one I am looking for. My only complaint is that is a little bit expensive and with the all-in-one solution (I am checking Canon) I can scan books when I need and print in case I need (I hope not too much as I want to go to paperless :wink: )

You get a used one in good condition on Ebay for $180-$250.

I will check in eBay. Good advice.
Here in Hong Kong I can find around 3000HK$ that is not bad. I love the form factor and everybody said that is the best. If I need to scan one book page I can use the camera of the mobile for decent results…


Basil, the software at ScanSnap that’s coming out on the 12th is ScanSnap Home, a database app for storing scans, business cards and a few other things. What’s not clear to me is whether the ScanSnap manager is currently compatible with Mojave.

My ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition is working with Mojave.

Mercmaj thanks for the info. I don’t use the Evernote edition, but I suspect that and the regular edition use the same core code.

Downloaded ScanSnap Home today with new firmware for my iX500 and works perfect!

@Basil: As did I for the iX100. But the interface of the new app is :open_mouth: :laughing:

@et al: Currently, the integration of receiving scans for OCR in DTPO isn’t working. The new app from Fujitsu is fundamentally different, so it’s not detected by Pro Office. We are investigating this.

Before the update the scanner did not work at all with Mojave. Now I can scan to the desktop and then just drag them in to DTPO.

@Basil: You just set DEVONthink to be the application to receive the output. It won’t initiate OCR, due to the lack of integration, but if you’re doing OCR in ScanSnap Home, you’re all set with that.

This is the same setting that was used in ScanSnap Manager. (You may ignore the Detailed Settings marquee. This is a screencap when I was talking to someone else. :smiley: )

Aha ok thanks Bluefrog!

Just to be sure I understand, ScanSnap home, an app for the Mac, is capable of installing the firmware to the iX500? Or is the firmware a separate download that I must perform manually?

Connect scanner with cable. Open ScanSnap Home. To the right there is a bell symbol for messages, one of them is download and install firmware.

Then turn scanner off when done and on again and voilla!