Script to look up PDF document metadata on

I hate AppleScript. Really hate it. But I love Devonthink, and had an itch to scratch. This is somewhat similar to other scripts that do bibliographic lookups, but it uses

Feedback, etc. welcome.


Looks like an interesting script. However, as it requires either a text selection or a certain name I wonder what kind of input accepts/expects.

By the way, do your documents contain a DOI (digital object identifier)? Then the smart rule script Download Bibliographic Metadata might be useful too.

Okay, I should obviously read the comments how to use it first :slight_smile:

It uses crossref’s query.bibliographic, which allows pretty broad input; authors, ISBNs, titles, etc.

My workflow when I download papers is to usually to set the name of the paper using control-command-I (awesome feature, was so happy when I found that), that’s why it takes the name if you don’t select any text.

Some papers contain DOIs, but many don’t :frowning: I might make it a bit more nuanced if there’s existing metadata…

For hating AppleScript, it looks like you made something useful… and I hope that itch is gone now :wink: