Search in DTP using LaunchBar


Might as well drop my LaunchBar action up here as the obdev forums are looking about as reliable as UK politics at the moment:

The only one in here I think of interest is the ‘Search DEVONthink Pro’ action (bound to ‘sd’ by default) which simply triggers a search in DTP3 via AppleScript and puts the results as the drop-down list in LaunchBar; you can then press return to open an item in the DTP editor or press ⇥ to send it on to (eg) an external editor or a LaunchBar selection.

I’d appreciate any feedback; one thing I’m very aware of is that the searches can take a while to perform, and each new key press or change to the query string triggers a new search - if there’s any suggestions about how I can incrementally collect results in a parallel thread or interrupt an existing search I’d be very keen to hear of them!

(I find LaunchBar an excellent tool for power users, and it works superbly within DT’s interface when selecting files and sending them to LB for further selection, processing and opening - [just a huge fan, I am not on commission!] )


This is great, thank you! And I completely agree about Launchbar. Just a shame the devs are so slow to push out updates, and indifferent about the forum. Compares quite poorly with Alfred in that respect (even though I think LB is a superior tool).

great! will try this out, thanks!