Search in DTTG is broken?

While testing around with getting bookmarks, PDFs and WebArchives into DTTG, I noticed something strange:

Tags I used cannot be found in a search!
Not even as clear text.

Going to add screenshots.

So, this tag is there, but it cannot be found - neither from the global inbox nor from the relevant database!

Searching for tags works for me with DTTG. Try reindexing metadata - in the main DTTG window, select ?, help, appendix, utility URL commands and then

Many thanks, I did this.
Sadly, there is no indication about if it is running, or finished or simething.
Just nothing happened and I have no idea how long this could take.
A bit more verbosity could help,

Anyway, I did this, waited some time, searched again and as the tag still could not be found, I repeated the same.

Still no result.

I then searched for the tag in the list of tabs for that database, and it is shown:

I just tried another tag and the behavior is the same!
The tag is listed for the item and it is contained in the list of tags.
But a search has no result at all.

Any other URL command that could help?

EDIT: After reading the descriptions, I tried “fix” which also showed three popups (different to the first command, which showed nothing).

But this did not change the situation.

Where are you starting your search?

In the search box that get’s visible when dragging down on the left side, above the Global Inbox.

I also tried within the respective database, and both “All databases” and “This database”.

I also entered the Inbox of the database, where the document is located.
But the search for the tag does still not work.
I used “tags:Maxwell” (without the quotes)

After running the reindex command @Blanc suggested, quit and relaunch DEVONthink To Go.
Do you see a progress indicator under the databases on the home screen?

Blanc suggested “reindex-metadata”, not “reindex”.
Right one?

I did this now:

  1. Execute “reindex-metadata”
  2. Kill DTTG in the App Manager
  3. Restart DTTG

No progress bar is visible.

EDIT: I checked the situation on the second iPad and it shows the same effect. No search for tags work, while regular searches or searches with “name:…” or “content:…” seem valid.

Without any other idea and hint, I executed any and all of those utility commands, beside “reindex-spotlight” as I dont use spotlight or siri or such nonsense.

This lead to several activities shown with progress indications, but I still cannot search for tags. Any tag, it seems.

What version of DEVONthink To Go and iOS are you running?

Always the latest non-beta, already mentioned above,

I also tried reindex-spotlight now, to no avail,

The only thing that I could still test, is to delete the installation, reinstall and resync from the remote location.

Other ideas?

Maybe you remember, I split the database into 3 databases, using DEVONthink and then resynced the iDevices. This was done over a support ticket and emails…

Maybe this procedure was a bad idea and introduced those problems?

Try putting search query in quotations

Thanks for the idea, even as this is not as documented:

But anyways, this changes nothing:

Tomorrow, I may start the Mac again and check if the situation is similar or not.

I finally restarted my Mac Mini and checked for Tags in DEVONthink:

So, that seems to work!

But DTTG does not work :frowning:

And now?

No, splitting and resyncing databases wouldn’t cause a search issue.

Disable DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Previews & Spotlight: Spotlight.
Run the reindex command.
Try the search again.

I always had Spotlight disabled.

I toggled it on and off and reindexed again.

This time, I saw a very short display of some activity below on the left side!

But: A search for any tag gives 0 results

I now deleted DTTG and reynced all databases.

I still cannot search for any tags.

This was my last hope.

But the file is there and has that tag!

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Now, while I fixed one of my iPads, I cannot fix the iPhone, it seems.

If the database is still empty and no remote location added, I can create and add a text file, give it a tag and search for that tag.

Then I add the “global inbox” from the remote and after doing so, I could search for the tag “maxwell” on the iPad - but on the iPhone, I still get 0 results.

I am reaching final frustration.

I repeated the procedure, to no avail