Searching using aliases


I have quite a lot of documents that use American spelling. As an example, I have a document called: “Windows Modernization”.

If I search for “Windows Modernisation” (UK Spelling), that document doesn’t get found. So I added an alias to the doc with the UK spelling.

Now, if I search for this, then it shows up:

aliases==Windows Modernisation

but if I just search for:

Windows Modernisation

… then it doesn’t. Is that the expected behaviour? Usually I’ll not remember whether this was UK or US spelling, so by default I’ll want it to search for aliases and main titles. I don’t want to have to type a complex search but would like it to be the default.

On a side-note; is there anything else I can do here to make searching better? Some apps have a “sounds like” mode. I know that there is fuzzy search here, and perhaps that works for some cases.

On a side note; my experience with Fuzzy Search is really weird. Here’s what happens when I use it:

It looks like it doesn’t take effect for live searching. The document disappears as soon as I type the ‘s’. However, at the end of this screencast you’ll see I hit return, and then it does seem to take effect and the document appears again. Is that expected?

2021-07-20 16.29.28

Aliases are usually only intended for Wiki linking and tagging but are not indexed and therefore not supported by a simple search. An alternative would be to add such synonyms to e.g. the comments or custom metadata.

Another possibility is to search for Windows Moderni?ation or Windows Moderni[sz]ation.

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I’d suggest using the Fuzzy searching and committing the search with a Return.

Just a note the Fuzzy doesn’t apply when wilcards are used. So text:windows NEAR modernis* doesn’t find both documents.

Also, fuzzy matches with the two documents aren’t made until text:windows NEAR modernisati* is typed.
Not sure if that’s expected.

May be one day … regular expressions everywhere, as an option? A guy can hope, can’t he?
Then “theat(re|er)” and “behaviou?r” would be possible, too. Or even “(chips|crisps)” :wink:

That works actually already and…

…this too, it’s identical to chips OR crisps :slight_smile:

I thought so. It’s like “write your script in AppleScript” when someone knows JS and is happy with it :wink:

Given that there’s a RE lib already somewhere in DT, it would be nice if those who want could use it in more places. And of course, the RE’y way to say chips OR crips would be c[rh]ips. I was just lazy. Not to speak of things like (thea|cen|me)t(re|er), to get back to the original question.