See also & classify: "documents" section does not appear only "groups"

For some reason on any document I suddenly have no “documents” suggestion only “groups” suggestion in the See also & classify tab.
It was working before but not anymore, I restarted Devonthink
What would you please suggest ?
Thank you !

The inspector remembers the last position of the divider which can be both moved to the top (no groups visible) or to the bottom (no documents visible). The mouse cursor should change over the top/bottoms edge of the inspector in these cases and you should be able to move the divider again.

omg ok I found it but would never have without your indications. Not sure the design is perfect here but now I know…thank you very much

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I am sorry I guess 2 yrs ago I had found where the edges of the inspector or this divider were and what to do exactly but I do not find it back and I have the same issue which I cannot solve now, would you please be so kind to help ? Thank you very much. Kind regards

Grab here and pull down…

Thank you very much
With the cursor at the very bottom edge of the window I could find back, grab and pull up the hidden “Documents” pane

You’re welcome :slight_smile: