Sending mail to DevonThink not working with macOS Sonoma and DVTP 3.9.3

I just upgraded my MacBook Pro 2018 to DEVONThink Pro 3.9.3 and macOS Sonoma 14.0. I tried using the Cntl-Opt-Cmd-M key combo to import emails from Apple Mail to DEVONThink Pro 3, and my Mac just bleeps and nothing happens. I went into System Settings and made sure DEVONThink Pro 3 has Full Disk Access (and even turned that off and back on), then went into DEVONThink Pro 3 to Install Add-Ons, but there is no entry there to Install Apple Mail Plug-In. So how do I get this feature back? I rely heavily on that feature to move email from Apple Mail into DEVONThink Pro 3!

Please help.



The simple answer is: you can’t.

Apple deprecated Apple Mail plugins and broke things for all third-parties who develop (and also sell) these plugins. There is nothing we can do about this.

Drag and drop, mail scripts, and mail rule scripts are the first alternatives you could explore. DEVONthink’s View > Import sidebar will still work, albeit more slowly without the plugin.


And with the Plugin gone DEVONthink does not get any local folder structures from Mail anymore but just a flat list of folders, it seems.

Well, that’s a shame (for me, at least). I guess I can get used to drag-and-drop. That’s actually pretty easy given that all I have to do is drag the desired emails to the DEVONThink Pro 3 icon in my menu bar.

Thanks for the answer!


You’re not going to be alone in this. Many people will upgrade without looking into the ramifications. But indeed, drag and drop from some email clients (not all, sadly) will definitely work.

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We’re aware of this shortcoming, it’s on our to-do list.


At my computer dragging the emails into DevonThink does also not work any longer. Is that normal?

Is DEVONthink allowed to automate Mail, does it have full disk access?

Dragging emails does not work with Apple Mail neither with Spark, but with Postbox 7. Ver strange.

See questions above. The used DEVONthink and macOS version would be good to know too.

An interesting observation—at least for me—is that the actual import of mails without the plugin is slower but not super slow. What really takes a lot time on the other hand is indexing the folder selected for importing.

That means if one can choose between importing from, say, a not too populated Inbox or a local folder which holds hundreds or even thousands of mails that lucky person should avoid the latter. Which is not me, sadly, because I had set numerous mail rules in Mail to sort my mails into local folders.

Thank you, solved my concern. Thought it was me.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I had posted about this a while back, and it may be total overkill for some:

It’s the process I’m using since three years by now.

Essentially, I’m runnig a local IMAP server within a docker container. My eMail Client (Outlook in this case, but it works with any IMAP client) pushes mails over into that server, and because by that the mails are at the same time stored in the local file system, I can then easily import them in DTP - for which I’ve created a small script that sits in DTP’s menu bar for me.

So basically a 2 step process:

  1. Within my email client, push Mails to an archive folder in my local imap server
  2. Within DTP, push one button

With the plug-in no longer available, what would be the simplest/best way to replace this (oft repeated) task:

  1. select email in Mac Mail sidebar
  2. ctrl-opt-cmd-M (the plugin brought up a DT window to import the message)
  3. cmd-F and a few keystrokes (to locate the folder where I wanted the email to go)
  4. return

I don’t know how to drag-drop so that I can quickly search for and select a DT folder to deposit the email.

Thanks for any guidance…!

Drag and drop an email to DEVONthink’s dock icon.

I’m not (yet) having success with that. I may have something misconfigured… When I drag an email from Mac Mail to the DT dock icon, my computer beeps, and nothing else happens. Is there a setting I have to have turned on? Thanks!

Fixed - I was trying on a different computer. Thanks, BlueFrog.

You’re welcome.

Though I was able to import the emails into folders, I see the title is not imported from the subject line as it was with the plug-in, and the email does not preview in DT as it did before. The preview merely shows the filename.

Example subject name when importing via drag-and-drop:

I’ve been browsing around help and this forum, but haven’t landed on an easy way to replicate the subject line and preview aspects. Is there a way to incorporate those functions? Thank you for fielding these questions.

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