Setting Omnifocus Project, etc. as an extension of "Add as To Do..." Script

I ran across this old post about using AppleScript to have more contro of how things are passed from Dntp to Omnifocus. I’m not well versed with scripting; is this still a viable solution? If so, I do not understand how to integrate the first section (where functions are called) with the second (which contains the actual script). Thanks for any input!

Have you tried the Script menu > Reminders > Add as To Do to Omnifocus?

I have; I may not have been articulate enough but this is what I’m trying to build on. It doesn’t allow project and/or tag designation that I can tell?

In the Script Editor App, add the Omnifocus “item” to the Library and see what methods and properties might be available to assist you. While I did add OmniFocus3 to my Script Editor Library to confirm its availability as a Script Editor Library, I did not look further to see the possibilities for you as I no longer use OmniFocus.

The script runs as you see it, with no other functions. Not sure what other possibilities there may be right now.

I understand; my interest was in making a modified version work. In my original post I linked to that script. No worries!

It appears there’s an assigned container property for an inbox task that may be useful. However, I am not running a licensed version of OF on this Mac. I’ll have to hunt down a license I had some years ago and see if it works with the current release. But that will likely be later in the day or tomorrow.

I’m going to post over on the OmniFocus forum in the interim. Thanks!

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