Share extension missing from latest update

Hi There,

The share extension seems to be missing in the latest DTTG update (3.1.3).

Did you reboot the device?

Given that there’s a popup appearing when DTTG is started for the first time after an update: Wouldn’t it be sensible to add something like

You should reboot your device as soon as possible. Otherwise DTTG will be missing from the share extension.

Just to reduce the number of times this question is asked :wink:

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That would be a suggest for @eboehnisch but this does not occur on every update of every device.
I’ve never seen it on any of my devices and reports are actually very few.

Thanks, this fixed it for me.

And to confirm, it’s first time it has happened to me.

I didn’t see the after update pop-up in the app, so maybe that has something to do with it?

After an app update, DEVONthink To Go should display the release notes.
Check with the next release, please.

I’m fairly sure I also didn’t get a popup this time and found out about the release when I first read the question here. I’ll try and check with other devices.

I saw a pop up on DTTG on iOS (iPhone), but not on DTTG on iPadOS (iPad).

Edit: I take that back; I did get a pop up on DTTG on iPadOS, but not until I opened DTTG a third time (the appearance of the pop up coincided with sync concluding).

First we’ve heard but we’ll see if we can reproduce the intermittent popup. Thanks.