Sidebar showing desktop colour?

Hi all

Is this a feature or a bug? The colour of the desktop seems to be shining through in the DT sidebar (screenshot is from my monitor in portrait mode). It’s only visible when the app is active, not when another is in the foreground. I’d like to turn this off (DT setting or Catalina issue?). I’ve just done a fresh install of DT3 on a new machine and copied the application support folder across from the old machine as suggested here.

This is the default appearance of sidebars, it should be identical to e.g. Apple Mail’s sidebar.

Thanks! Actually yes you are right, same in Mail. Pretty sure I’d never noticed this on Mac OS before Catalina, maybe it’s an ‘improvement’ :slight_smile:

You can reduce the transparency via System Preferences > Accessibility > Display.

Yes - that’s the one. I’m sorry to bring this here, not a DT issue clearly. Apols!