Sidebar smartgroups don't dynamically refresh

Based on this old (closed) discussion, it seems like smartgroups should dynamically refresh in the sidebar. However, I still have to select and double-click smartgroups in the sidebar to get them to refresh. Can you confirm whether these are now supposed to dynamically refresh? Does this mean that when something is changed, it should be automatically reflected in the smartgroup? Was this turned into a setting instead? Thanks

Global Smart Groups do not refresh automatically, only when you look into.

Do you mean this…

No, I mean that if I change a filename so that it should now appear in the smart group when it didn’t before, I have to select the smart group, double-click and click OK with the mouse before it actually appears in the smart group. It won’t appear in the smart group if I just click on the smart group after changing the name. The smart group does not dynamically refresh. Is this expected behavior? Is there a refresh command that I could use so I don’t always have to go through the multi-step process of click-double-click - ok with the mouse to see the current contents of the smart search? If there is a refresh command, I could attach it to a keyboard shortcut.

A screenshot of the smart group’s conditions would be useful.

Here is one of them (it happens for many of them):

How many items does the database contain?

53,584. It is my main database. Is that the issue?

Note also that the smart group is only looking in a subfolder, which has 100s of items, not 10,000s.

Actually shouldn’t be one. A screen recording or screenshot plus the exported rule before/after renaming would be great, thanks!