Slow scroll in sidebar with many smart groups

I recently added an applescript that creates a simple smart group associated with most new groups I create (it just looks for items in that group with a red label). As a result, most of my groups have a smart group attached to them and I use a lot of smart groups in general. However, now when I try to scroll past groups in the sidebar, the response is sometimes sluggish even when the smart groups are collapsed. It can take a second or two to view the contents of groups that contain a lot of smart groups, even if I am not viewing the smart group contents. I imagine that this might be due to the smart groups all actively updating their searches to remain up to date. I don’t see the same sluggishness in databases without a lot of smart groups.

Is this sluggishness something I should expect if I am using a lot of smart groups? Is there any way to improve it, such as only updating the smart group search if I am trying to view the smart group contents?

Define "a lot of.

A screenshot of typical smart group conditions would be useful.

There are probably hundreds of smart groups. Most are relatively simple, like this:

However, a good number of them are more complicated and more like this:

For an explanation about why there is a strange clause at the very end (kind is any document and kind is not any document), see this post.

Note that I am not talking about opening these smart groups to view the contents, but just scrolling past them or expanding a group that contains the smart group.

What do you intend to achieve with the last condition (any document and not any document)?

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see this post

I was confused by the self-contradicting condition. “kind is any” and “kind is not any” can never be true. So this condition doesn’t select anything (but something like it is perhaps needed as a workaround).

Yes, it is a condition that will never select anything. I found that adding some extra condition was needed to act as a workaround to get the behavior I want, which is to see the child groups of the smart group appear in the sidebar. I didn’t want to add a condition that would ever find anything. This one works well because it will never find anything. The need for this workaround is supposed to be fixed in the next maintenance release.