Small feature request: Duplicate "to here" - SOLVED

Pardon if this was already requested… [see addendum]
I creating many smart groups, by duplicating an existing one. Every time I do this, a menu appears asking for the destination - would it be possible to add a menu item “To here” at the top or something?
Duplicating to the source group makes it easy for me to move the copy manually to where I want it.


Addendum: well I can sorta do it - by just choosing the top recent location in the menu.

@uimike You can just select Data > Duplicate to create a duplicate entry in the same location. It’s also possible to set a hotkey via the system preferences.

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The Script: Create or change smart group(s) I mentioned in the other thread creates the Smart Group inside the selected group.

Tz - but it doesn’t - it pops a menu asking where you want to duplicate to. Most of the times, it gives me as top item (“recent destinations”) what I need, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Tx pete - I am looking at that script right now!

Strange… Data > Duplicate does duplicate the selected smart group immediately for me in the same location, without asking. Maybe this has something to do with groups being excluded from tagging in my database, or some other preference that is different from yours.

Or you could just press Command-D if you’re duplicating in place.

Thanks, that does it!

My pleasure :slight_smile: