Smart Folder for No Label?

I have Smart Folders set up to filter for various labels. Is there a way (maybe a script) to have a Smart Folder show me which items have no labels?

This would be really helpful to me, as sometimes I forget to add a label to an item, and this would be a quick way to make sure I don’t have any un-labelled items.

Thanks in advance.

Adjusted per Greg’s suggestion, below

You’ll want to add ‘Kind is any document’ to korm’s smart group if you want to filter out groups and tags that have no label.

Hmm … doesn’t work for me. I get documents with and without labels, and when I open up the Smart Group edit window, I see that “Label is —” isn’t there. So I put it back in, and it doesn’t stick. Keeps disappearing.

Any idea why?

The disappearing criteria indicates that the smart groups is not set up correctly-usually due to an incorrectly structured compound predicate. Can you post a screen shot of your smart group before you close it (while the Label is statement is still visible)?

Ah - yes:

Try the workaround listed in that thread: create the smart group as a saved search (Tools > Search). The reported bug will get fixed timely.

Saved Search worked - thank you.