Smart Group - hide repeated items?

I searched the forums for help, but only found one topic from several years ago. I wonder if there’s a newer solution.

I’m working on a research project, and have a Group for it. I also have a Smart Group which I would like to show the entire contents of the project’s Group, as well as some miscellaneous items that may be related, but are not in the main Group.

My current Smart Group ends up showing several items repeated, as they are both in the Group and tagged with a related tag. Is there a way to show the same items only once?

My rules:

Any of the following are true:

– Tag is “Project tag A”
– Tag is “Project tag B”
– All of the following are true:
---- Kind is Group
---- Name is “Project Group”

Specifically, many items in “Project Group” are also tagged with “Project tag A”, so they show twice in the list.

Screen captures could be helpful.

Below is a screenshot of my rules, and a partial screenshot of the resulting list. The item marked with arrows is the same item, but appears twice, because it is both in the project Group (“LACMA A&T 2021”) and is tagged with a relevant tag (“lacma-art-and-technology”).

There are many other items which are in other general-use groups (eg, “Articles to Read”), but have a relevant tag to this project, so I want to capture them for this list.

I’m hoping to hide the doubled-up items. Or, more accurately, only show them once.

Close the group.

Indeed. But there are also items in the Group (and its sub-Groups) that are not similarly tagged. So closing the Group would hide these non-repeating items.

It’s the overlap of my search criteria that I’m hoping to only show once.

Other programs have a “not” or “none of the following” rule that might be appropriate here. I could add that to one of the sub-rules.

Your smart group is looking for the Group or the item. Since the item is contained inside the group, it would logically show when the group is expanded.

Right, I see the logic of the rules. Now just to bend them to my logic. :wink:

I’d like to suggest an additional operation, that I think would help, not only here, but in many other cases:

  1. Item ‘is in’ Group ‘name’, where ‘is in’ and ‘name’ are variables

In my case, I would add a sub-rule to the first two rules say items are not in a specific Group, which should eliminate the duplicate listings.

Thanks for considering!

(And, if this exists, and I’m simply missing it, please let me know… )

Location isn’t a search criterion. This is on a list of possibilities but it’s not necessarily as simple to implement as you may thing.

Glad to hear it’s under consideration.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about software, not being a developer myself, it’s definitely that things are more complicated than we users might think!

I appreciate the effort, and all of the help!

You’re welcome.
And we appreciate the patience and gracious understanding.