Smart Rule does not work on import. Objective: to automatically add to reading list items with the AddToReadingList Tag on tagging or on import

Catalina 10.15.7
DevonThink 3.8

I wrote this smart rule to automatically add to reading list items when the AddToReadingList Tag is present either after tagging or after import works if I tag any item within DevonThink but does not work on import.
On import:

  • not added to reading list
  • tag not removed

thanks in advance for your time and help

How did you actually import the file? A simple test was successful for me.

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How is the imported file being tagged prior to being imported?

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Does it work if you import the file via drag & drop? Or do you add the tag via the group selector?

@cgrunenberg @Blanc

drag and drop: tried twice
reading worked once out of 2 attempts
tag: not removed

via share menu done multiple times
reading list: no
tag: not removed

via Launchbar done multiple times
reading list: no
tag: not removed

thank you. I am sure that this is very frustrating for you.

If, after importing a record tagged in this way, you select the smart rule from the sidebar, is the record reliably listed in the list view? So what I’m asking is, is the smart rule aware of the record once it has been imported?

@cgrunenberg Criss, is it possible the record is effectively being tagged after the import trigger has been triggered? So what I am asking is, is the record imported via the share menu together with an instruction to DT to apply the tags chosen in the sorter, rather than actually already displaying the tag as it reaches DT?

@rufus123 is it possible that there are rules above the one which you are having trouble with, which are also acting on the record and which contain a cancel action? The easiest way to test for this is to place the rule you are currently working with at the top of the list of smart rules.

Certainly in my case it takes a lot more than this to frustrate me :wink:


Try targeting a specific database, not Databases. Does it behave as expected?

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@BLUEFROG @cgrunenberg @Blanc

thank you all for your posts.

Yes, all files are listed when I click on the smart rule.

This is what does not work and what works

what does not work (not in reading list and tag remains)

  • setting rule to a specific database
  • putting the rule at the top of the rule list
  • I don’t see any cancel rule

What does work (listed in reading list, tag deleted and disappears from the list of files when I click on the rule )
if after importing, I simply right click on the rule (context menu) → apply rule

thank you all.

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Thanks for the additional information; I’d like to wait for Criss’ feedback re. my question above pertaining to the point in time at which the record actually receives its tag when tagging is undertaken in the sorter.

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Yes, thank you ! Are you native french speaker ?

No, I’m trying really hard to speak comprehensible English :grin: Native English, native German and embarrassingly incompetent when it comes to any other language. Sorry.

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It’s just because of the name Blanc. My question had nothing to do with the quality of your english which is obviously perfect.


That’s just a distraction - rather like the eggs :clown_face:


No matter how many languages you speak, your help is always very much appreciated, @Blanc !


yes definitely !

That’s very kind of you both :heart_eyes:

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You’re absolutely right! The next release will fix this.

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