Smart Rules Folders For Better Organization

Think of iTunes playlists. Having a dozen of playlists is fine. However, when one creates lots of different rules for different folders and databases, the list of rules can become very long.

I would like to see smart rules view based on database specifically or have an option to sort smart rules into folders to reflect which group they belong to.


This is planned for future releases.


Thank you. I’ve been creating something similar in each database, but would rather be able to organize smart rules in the sidebar, aka the “organize” bar, at least that is how I’m beginning to see/use it.

Any updates on Smart Rules organization progress?

We don’t announce schedules or upcoming features, I’m sorry.

I am coming to the limits of smart-rules organization.
So far the dummy separator rule helped to give the list some structure
but I would +1 welcome the folder support for smart rules :slight_smile: That would be a beautiful feature to have.

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I throw my hat into this as well and would like to see this feature as well. Hope this finds its way into DT. Many thanks.

As a potential idea, I would suggest considering integration of smart rule folder(s) into the Devonthink clipper when in “search mode”. It would allow for very fast access to them w/o needing to bring the main UI of DT3 to the foreground.

Currently, Favourites and Databases are offered.
It would be great to have a similar clickable option for Smart rules (and maybe Smart Groups - at least the global ones?). If not used, they could be clicked away with “Hide” in similar fashion.

Integrating them to what end - quickly opening them?

Exactly. Quickly being able to open them/run. Especially in case of smart rules which are run on demand (and if user has a lot of rules), it is a bit of struggle to find the right one which i want to execute. To my knowledge, there is also no shortcut for a particular smart rule today which would allow me to automate it with e.g. KM.

Hi @jooz

I agree that Smart Rules Folders would be a great idea

That said, KeySmith can automate running a Smart Rule fairly easily.


Thanks for following-up on this.
Your example opened my eyes. In fact, the automation of smartrules shall be doable today with:
image via the menu “Tools>Perform Rules”. Somehow I missed it when looking back on this challenge.

The way to do it in KM:

Thank you @rkaplan :slight_smile:


I have had KM for the longest time now just sitting there. I always wanted to use it, heard is great, perhaps it is but just feel like running BTT and other apps would be too much CPU if I run km too

What are the 5 things you do with it and can’t live without KM? Personally not generally. Curious

BTT is similar to KM but I want to find km useful worth activating it

1: If I add “Call Hens” to my to-do list (Things), I have a KM macro that goes to Contacts, searches for Hens and opens your Contact. A second macros copies the phone number I choose from the Contact, then goes back to Things and pastes it at the end of the “Call Hens” line I’ve just written.

2: I have a daily email to a work associate, so one KM macro opens a new email, addresses it to the colleague, enters the usual Subject kline, and then places the cursor in the message pane, so it’s ready to be typed.

3: Another colleague routinely sends PDFs with password protection. I have a KB macro that opens the .PDF and enters the (long) password, so I can read the document without having to enter the password each time manually.

4: When I’m writing long documents, I sometimes delete entire paragraphs or sections, but want to save them in a “Scrap document” so it can be retrieved at a later date if I change my mind. I have a KM macro that deletes the section from the document I’m writing, opens the “scrap doc”, pastes it, enters a line of dashes to separate it from the next section to be scrapped, then closes the scrap doc, and goes back to the current doc so I can continue writing. Instantly.

5: Certain scanned documents always go into a certain folder. So I have a simple KM macro that will send those documents to the proper folder, rather than having to open Finder and drag the docs in. (Seems like a small thing, but when repeated many times during the day, it’s handy.)

6: I often insert photos into docs, and I want them to be certain uniform sizes. I have a KM macro that resizes them to the exact specs without my having to open up the photo’s properties and manually enter the numbers.

7: I have various simple macros to insert today’s date, or my full name, or email address, or mailing address.

8: And here’s one I use ALL the time. My most common typo is to type two letters in the wrong ordre. Like “ordre”. I put the cursor after the e, and hit my Macro. It types Shift-Left Arrow to select the “e”, then types Command-X to delete it, then a Left Arrow to move the cursor to before the “r”, and then Command-V to paste it. Takes a fraction of a second - quite a bit faster than deleting the two letters and retyping them, and unlike me, never makes a mistake.

That’s more than 5, I know, but I’ve got LOTS more I use all the time. It’s a great app.


Interesting, perhaps really I should spend some times learning more about KM. I kept putting it off because I see it as complicated and not so easy to set it. 4, 3 I think it can be done with BTT. 5: looks interesting because I really want to find away to sort my PDF by Title or name and send them to theirs respective folders etc. but then again I have Hazel, wonder which one is more efficient. 7, and 8 can be done with BTT too.

This is what I mean, most of it can be done with BTT.

Thank you for letting me know, I just need time to really dig deep.

Bought KM for the hype like 4 years ago, used it for short time then quickly lost interest. I think because BTT can do 80% what KM does.

There’s a macOS shortcut for this:



I have been using KM for around a year or so and remember I looked at both KM and BTT (and Alfred Packs) to decide what I wanted to use. I found this helpful in getting a better understanding.

My main usage of KM today is:

  1. text snippets (e.g. see here), date snippets, question snippets, shortcuts for smilies > primarily for email communication and slack, etc
  2. window management > i.e. open devonthink and browser in this and that setup on the monitor
  3. management of specific programmes like Devonthink, iThoughts, iTunes, etc which are not always easy to navigate with my own palettes and/or shortcuts. Specifically for DT I do use a pretty big palette which I created for myself.
  4. markdown shortcuts to create all types of markdown syntax when creating notes in md
  5. bluetooth management while connecting various devices

I also implemented a lot of site bookmarks but tend to use Alfred’s “Web search” for that increasingly (and it is awesome) e.g. when searching on this forum I have an Alfred’s Web search which goes directly into the search menu with the text I am search for. But e.g. have a KM macro which actually opens Alfred’s settings directly for me.

I found this source super helpful as I tried to understand how KM works.

Thank you for the LINKs.
Do you find the CPU usage a lot or normal?

Not directly an answer but maybe interesting

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Thank you Pit