Solved: Saving Office 365 Web Emails in DT3

For quite some time I have pondered an easy workflow to save Office 365 emails using the Outlook Web Access site in DT3.

Initially I worked out a solution using Zapier like this:

That does work, though there is somewhat of a delay in the import and you cannot specify a destination DT3 group on the fly.

I discovered there is another way which works quicker and simpler.

Here I describe how to convert any Office 365 email into a unique URL:

With some help on this forum, it is also possible to create an Applescript that can be activated in either DT3 or Keyboard Maestro which saves the current URL in a DT3 group of your choice:

If you combine the two, you can now quickly save any Office 365 email into any DT3 group of your choice.