Some utility to merge old annotation notes in 2.n to 3.0 when final version is ready

In 2.n it is common (I think…) to use opt-shift-cmd-A to attach an annotation note to pdf and 2.n will automatically insert a link into the URL field of the target pdf.
(1) in 3.0, I found that if I copy the link of an old annotation note into the URL field of any pdf in 3.0, the note is automatically displayed in the annotation box of the inspector bar. Is this feature by intention?
(2) When the final version of 3.0 is ready, is it possible to provide a std script for us to transit from 2.n to 3.0. e.g., find matching pdf and annotation note with matching name and insert the link of the annotation note into the pdf’s URL field, and to create a smart folder for those orphan annotation notes.

Thank you in advance

Yes, that’s the compatibility to old annotations which used the URL and…

…therefore this shouldn’t even be necessary, assuming that the PDFs still have the right URLs.

Trying not to mention this before more testing is conducted: I found that most URLs have disappeared in the fields of the pdf files and I need to reattached the URL, and the URL disappeared again after a while. No need to waste ur time unless others are seeing the same issue, perhaps my old 2.n database is totally screwed up to begin with.

There are some fixes coming in the next beta that may resolve this. Perhaps this is related:

Thank you. The situation is somehow different but I hope they are related and will be resolved together. I have tried for three times since yesterday to reattaching the URLs of over 200 annotation notes to their target pdf files (indexed to Finder), the links were good for a while, then the links in those pdfs’ URL field gradually and randomly disappeared, and were totally gone in a few hours. All back links on the notes are working normally.
Just want to ask whether the URL field of a pdf file is a local property of a record/item in DT or is always attached with the index file even when in Finder?

I have send a bug report email to DT.

All metadata is stored in the database, few metadata (e.g. tags or Finder comments) is also mirrored.