Sorter to behave as dpt Pro?

With the beta, is it possible to drag files to the sorter while DT is not itself loaded? That convenience was a major use of DTPRO 2.x. Perhaps I’ve missed another way to do the same thing. Please advise.

No, we’re afraid. The Sorter is no longer a separate process but has, in return, gained a lot of functionality. With modern Macs keeping DEVONthink open in the background should no longer be an issue like it was eleven years ago.

@emclusk I keep DT3 open most of the time. For the cases it is not, keeping the General Inbox in the sidebar of Finder might be useful to send some files to DT3 without opening the app—however you can only organize them after DT3 is open and you cannot clutter-free your pdfs or webarchives.

See here how to do it: Inbox Folder via Finder in DT3