Inbox Folder via Finder in DT3

I don’t recall how I setup a shortcut to the global inbox in finder and the blog post that describes it does not redirect properly due to the redesign. Can someone please remind me how this is done? When I put items in the current folder in my finder, they only go to DT2’s inbox. Thanks.

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Here’s a google cached version of the post you’re looking for:

In addition to installing the Global Inbox add-on, you will probably need to give DT3 control over Finder. This is in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation. Check “Finder” under DT3.


You will have shortcuts to both DT2 and DT3’s global inboxes, unless you remove one or the other.

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Search the Inbox of Devonthink3 and drag it to the sidebar of the Finder. Here: /Users/user(you)/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox

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The simplest and advocated method is to use DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons > Global Inbox in Save dialogs.

If the alias is already there, it will shows as installed in this panel.
If it’s not, the item will be checked and you just need to press the Install button.

Note: This is mentioned in the built-in Help in Documentation > Menus > Application Menu.


This worked. Thanks!

You’re very welcome. Cheers!

Glad I could find my question answered here:)

I have the same problem. There are two solution which both do not work for me.

(1) I cannot install the modules, they are installed, greyed out in the dialogue window.

The OCR works, but I do not see the Mail PlugIN which I do not care about at the moments.

(2) I tried to drag the INBOX for Devonthink 3 into the sidebar, it looks as if I can place it there, but when I release the mouse button, the INBOX does not appear in the side bar.

I am working on Mojave, actual version.

The INBOX in the sidebar is very much needed!

The plugin has to be enabled in Apple Mail > Preferences > General > Manage Plugins…

The inbox folder (not database) can be added to the Finder’s sidebar, just drag & drop ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox to it.

This clearly shows it is installed.

A screen capture of the Finder’s sidebar would be helpful.

Thanks, this was helpful, the inbox is there :sweat_smile:

I expected the Inbox to have this special “DEVONthink inbox” look, and never found it. Now that I took the screenshot, I saw this absolutely “NORMAL” inbox, and after opening it, it had the “DEVONthink inbox” look in the window top bar and – it is it!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Thank you for your comments, all was done, and now it works, thanks to BLUEFROG.

No worries! :slight_smile:

Now it’s my turn. I upgraded my systems to DT3 last night and the finder INBOX is not working. I did the Install Add-Ons as described here. Is there something else that I need to do?

Do you have DEVONthink 2 installed?

Yes… Should I delete that?

Yes, definitely. At a minimum, delete the DEVONthink 2 application from the Applications folder. And rebooting the machine wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I deleted DT2 from the App folder and rebooted but no change in behavior

Control-click and remove it from the Finder’s sidebar then install it again from DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons… and do not rename the sidebar alias (in case you did or wanted to).