Spark integration with DTP

Hello, I’m using Spark from Readdle instead of Mail. I read in another topic (a year old) that Spark does no support AppleScript. Anyway it is a great, maybe the best email client around. On design level and features as well.
I can get an email from Spark to DTP through “Print PDF to DTP”, but that is useful for one email from time to time. But not for an inbox neither for drag’n dropping emails into DTP.
Would there be a way that DTP handles better emails from Spark ? Maybe collaborating with Readdle ? They are adding services in updates (working great now with 2Do and Bear for instance) and adding DTP to Spark seems useful to me.
Any comments about this ?

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The easiest solution would be to send feedback to Readdle and to request full AppleScript support (similar to the one of Apple Mail or Microsoft Entourage ideally). This would be also useful for users of Spark not using DEVONthink.

I already (2 years ago) report them the missing Applescript support because the invoicing app I use (GrandTotal) could not send direct attachment in email in Spark.
So I just send them a new message as you suggested.
Fingers crossed :sweat_smile:

Incidentally this missing feature is one of the reasons I switched back to Airmail (before giving up on third-party clients’ unreliability altogether). Airmail has a DTP integration and you can also just drag and drop emails as .eml.

Users have been pushing spark on DT integration for years. I got frustrated and moved on…

The integration Airmail provides is not very good, unless you only need the plain text.

Apple Mail is still the best of breed for this kind of inter-application communication in an email client.

I agree on the poor integration with Airmail which I used for about 18 month before switching to Spark. Airmail does everything (too much ?), but it isn’t polished as Spark. When Readdle adds a feature, it is usually very well designed.

Eh. Agree to disagree on Mail. Mail’s what I’m using now because nothing else consistently works, but the UX is clunky, restrictive, and slow. Sending something to a task app takes a dozen taps

Here is Readdle answer (part of):
Glad to let you know that DevonThink and Applescript integrations are already on our list of further improvements. I’ve saved your email in our base so it means that we’ll notify you if it is added in the future updates.


Has there been an update on this?

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No change had been made to Spark that we are aware of.