Standard viewing mode: main panel and navigation panel

Hi there,
I have a small question. I work often in Standard Viewing Mode without sidebar. You can go back and forth between documents you opened in the main viewing panel and the same goes for the smaller navigation panel in the header which shows your databases. So main panel and navigation panel often don’t match. Is there a way to match them automatically, to locate immediately a document in the main panel by showing it in the navigation panel? Of course I can search through my database and locate manually, but it would be great if there was a way or a trick to match them whenever I want. Mostly this is the case because I want to navigate quickly to another document that belongs to the same group as the one that is opened in the main panel; it would be great if the navigation panel would show me the group on the spot (a little bit like ‘show enclosing folder’ in Finder).

Thanks for any advice!


It’s unclear what you’re referring to here.
A screen capture could be helpful.

Ah, I’m sorry. As an example, in the screen capture below you’ll see the pfd I’m working on. But the navigation panel (I don’t know how you call it exactly) above doesn’t match the location of this pdf, it shows (because I navigated around) other documents. Is there a way in which you can make the navigation panel matching the document that is opened and show me where this pdf is located in the database? Like I said, mostly because I want to go to other documents that are stored in the same group as this pdf. Thank you bluefrog!

No worries and you’re welcome.

The section above the preview (called the view/edit pane) is called the item list.

The item list doesn’t interactively change locations based on the currently viewed item.
If you want to see the viewed item in its location, select Data > Reveal or press Command-R.

That works excellent :slight_smile: thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: