Status of Sync Solution

I was wondering if there has been any further word or information about the current status of the sync beta including when the beta will become public? I inquired back in December and was told that more information was coming and to keep an eye on the blog for an announcement. But it’s now 2 months later and we haven’t heard anything.

I really hope some sort of sync solution is offered very soon (even if it is a public beta) as I have come to realize that without it, using Devonthink is enough of a hassle that it severely dampens my enthusiasm for using it at all.

Because of the nature of my work, I simply have to have access to my data on more than one computer. I have been using Dropbox to keep things synced. And while it works well, it is also a very stressful method since I have to constantly worry that I might forget to close out a database one computer before opening it on another.

Any information would be most appreciated.

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We’re hoping to release the public beta very, very shortly. Sorry for the long delay, but believe me that it’s worth it for the improvement that the private betas have seen since then :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response and the information. Knowing that the developer cares and is responsive makes the wait a lot easier to tolerate.

I really look forward to using the proposed sync solution!

Ditto–I’m a humanities academic and have been using DTPO for five years during grad school but am now considering dropping it for something like a Mendeley/Evernote combo. It’s unclear to me that DTPO will be relevant in even a year or so, and I worry that it will go the way of WordPerfect or other niche early word processing programs.

The other big missing feature is a full-fledged iPad app that allows you to annotate and organize on the iPad, not just have access to docs. “Access” is old–crossplatform manipulability is the future.

Will you announce it in the newsletter or this there any other way to be informed when it’s available for testing?

We’re hoping to release the public beta very, very shortly.

jesus. after what? 12 or 18 months of promising syncing we are still only at the ‘hoping’ stage? 140 bucks sunk into an app suite. great :frowning:

What does “very, very shortly” mean? I would assume that means weeks at most, not months.

I’m guessing “very very shortly” means months at the very least. “Shortly” seems to be on the order of years around here. I think we’ve reached that point where this can safely be called a vaporware feature. For me, that means it’s time to move on to find some other solution. I bought DT when sync was coming “shortly”, and I think I’ve waited long enough to be able to actually use the software. Time to write it off as a lesson learned, and see what else is out there.

mswesten, i agree. any suggestions for other apps?

Out of endless frustration ocer the lack of sync, The last week or so I have been looking at returning to Evernote. As I mentioned elsewhere on these forums I joined dt on the basis of a post by the developers that a sync solution was coming. Delays are one thing but failure to communicate is plain aggravating. I now recommend people not to purchase, something I don’t like to do.
The company that offers a model approach to development, and a superb cloud sync solution for complex, large databases is thirdstreet software, makers of sente. Brilliant product, that was syncing databases 100mbs large beautifully between machines 18 months ago. And an iPad app that is just amazing, fully featured and excellently designed.
I recommend people check it out, not as an alternative to this dead horse, but as a complimentary product, that you know is crafted by developers that actually communicate respectfully to their customers and create valuable products.

tim, i agree, sente is nice and the ipad app is well done. but can you actually import fractions of a website these days?


guess it was months and not weeks after all

…sense of déjà vu

I have just posted something to the blog that elaborates about the current state of the sync. I have posted it to the blog so that not only you as forum users can read it, but everyone following us.

Thank you. I guess this is why developers are usually so hesitant to give time lines for development in forums like this.

This sounds like it could be a great, great feature that could solve a very important problem for many of us. It could really set this program apart. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’d much rather see it done right than done quickly.

Tom S.

i disagree completely.

i would rather see it deployed incrementally than once everything is supposedly done. why?

  • otherwise you run into a possible debacle (see tags)
  • get feedback quicker and keep/get new customers
  • get a working sync to the user quicker. instead of waiting to get dropbox and webdav done, why not ship direct syncing? think thats a stupid idea? omnigroup did the exact same thing with omnifocus. advantage? i would have a working sync solution for the last 14 months.

+1 !!!

100% agree


PS: otherwise we would again wait until doomsday!

That works for some programs but IMO not for this one. I’m not too interested in using a database program where my data isn’t reasonably safe, even in beta.

Just my opinion but, again, I bet I’m far from alone.

Tom S.

tom, releasing 1 instead of 3 syncing mechanisms does not mean it will be unsafe. it just means you can concentrate on delivering one safe mechanism 12 months earlier.

besides, talking about unsafe… the fact i am already syncing my DT database through dropbox is unsafe :wink: something i wouldn’t have to do with an official syncing mechanism