Strange Folder/File Renaming Problem

When I try to rename a folder or file by clicking on it so the name is editable, I very often have to do it several times because I get kicked out of edit mode while typing. So I try to be very quick, but it seems rather random. That said it’s super frustrating to have to spend a minute or two renaming a folder, trying to write it quickly before I have to re-click on the folder and continue.

In which view (e.g. icon, list etc.) did you try to rename the item? Do you use the latest version 3.7.2 of DEVONthink?

List view in the left hand side-bar.

Is there any background activity while you’re trying to rename the item?

not sure what you mean but dont think so… just working in DT, organizing, creating folders, etc.

See Window > Activity. Or do your databases contain RSS feeds?

no activity that I can see, no RSS feeds.
doesn’t do it all the time, so it’s hard to pinpoint.

If this should happen again, then please check if there’s any activity. Thanks!

it keeps happening on both computers, and activity log is blank… I can rename w/ no issue in the inspector window on the right, but not on the pane on the left. strange (and annoying! :))

Does renaming in the main view (list, icons etc.) work?

hi… could you clarify… what do you mean?

Maybe I didn’t get it right but I assumed that you’re renaming items in the sidebar, not in the main view (like List or Icons view). Do you use any scheduled smart rules? Or anything else that might happen periodically?

yes, it happens mainly in the sidebar and main window, renaming groups or files, but in the info panel on the right no issues I guess that field is always editable. no smart rules, or anything, this is in all databases, even new ones.

Does disabling the automatic/scheduled sync make a difference?

do you mean sync prefs setting sync every…
I dont think it’s this because I changed it to every 15 min, and it’s still doing it.
drives me nuts to have to always add a folder and then move to the inspector window to change the name.
happening in the main window as well for document names, but not as often.

Some kind of scheduled action (e.g. sync, RSS feeds or smart rules) are the most likely reason.

no rss or smart rules, only the sync frequency settings in prefs.
thanks for helping with this.

In that case please check whether synchronizing only on demand will make a difference, thank you.

i tried a test with sync on manual and then one minute, but at the time i was testing neither case reproduced the problem, so when it’s happening, it must be something else triggering the behavior.

Screenshots of the Preferences > RSS, File > Database Properties… and of the sidebar showing the smart rules might be useful - thank you!