Strange issue with setting "Take Note Hotkey" shortcut?

Hello all,

Weird thing happening presently. Just moved DT3 over to a new machine – and experiencing one or two oddities.

On the old machine, my shortcut for “Take Note” was Cmd+Opt+Ctrl+Shift+6 (Hyperkey+6).
When I try to do the same on the new machine, I get met with the following:

CleanShot_ Sorter_2022-04-20_grabbed at_17.33.13
So it seems to disregard all the additional key-combinations, and reads it as conflicting with CMD+6, from the View menu/Standard option (as below)?

CleanShot_ CleanShot_2022-04-20_grabbed at_17.33.27

That can’t be right? Any suggestions?

It;s actually an issue with the Command and Control keys specifically as Command-Control-n displays a similar message.

Development would have to weigh in on this, but why such a long shortcut?
I have used Control-Option-N for years.

Somewhere, in some app, sometime in the past – the default shortcut conflicted with a different shortcut option in that other app, that was enough of an annoyance (by happening frequently enough), for me to change it to Hyperkey+6.

It’s actually less onerous than it appears, since it is in turn linked to a KM conflict palette (Hyperkey+D), which calls up a floating menu that lets me choose to create a new note in DT3, Drafts or a specific place in one of my watched Hazel folders.

But regardless, will use Ctrl+Opt+N for now, again – not likely to hit the conflict for a while at least (cannot remember what the other app was).

But still odd that it is blocking me like that, no?

Indeed, it is a bit odd, especially as it reports a conflict with e.g., Command-6 but also Control-2, when trying to assign Command-Control-6 or Command-Control-2, respectively. So it appears it’s the combination of Command-Control that’s not behaving.

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Is this worth a support ticket/bug-report, and or OK to leave here?

Here is fine. I’m sure Criss will see it in due time.

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Well, seen and forwarded :rofl:

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The issue appears to be caused by a 3rd party library, I will look to see if we can find a workaround.