Suggestion: list .epub and .mobi files


If possible I’d like to see both this formats included in the search (and resulting list):

  • EPUB
  • MOBI


Thanks for the suggestion! You could already try to install third-party Spotlight mdimporters, e.g. Afterwards DEVONsphere Express should be able to index them.


I thought about adding .mobi and .azw files (without DRM) to Devonthink because I’m archiving my eBooks.

Edit: Damn. Wrong board :frowning: -> Devonthink

  • 1 for the option to see and index these files.

As to the EPUBImporter on
It says to “copy EPUBImporter.mdimporter to /Library/Spotlight or ~/Library/Spotlight”, but there is no such file in the package. Anyone here who managed to install this already and can tell me how to proceed?