Sync: iCloud vs WebDav

I have a lot of iCloud storage and a lot of Hertzner Storage Box storage. I was wondering whether if I have completely free choice between the two, is it better to use WebDav to sync my databases or iCloud? I want the quickest most reliable solution.

Any guidance or tips appreciated :slight_smile:

iCloud and Apple’s servers work asynchronously (and not always reliably) contrary to WebDAV which is therefore faster, more responsive (no delay by a third-party) and more reliable.

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Interesting, thank you. I wonder if there are any more viewpoints. I initially set up sync with iCloud but what would be the steps to transitioning to WebDav? Set them both up at the same time syncing both databases and then transition over?

My experience is that iCloud is not reliable at the moment. It can get “stuck” and fail to upload files. I have had experiences where it has taken days for a small file to synchronise. Howard Oakely has written about this and produced a small utility called “Cirrus” that can often unstick iCloud (easy to find his site if you use Google). So I would be reluctant to use iCloud just now.

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Good to know! What would be the procedure to switch from one to the other?

I’ve no idea what the officially recommended procedure would be, but making good backups would be a sensible first step, in my view. I would look in the user manual for advice.

What stops you doing both? That way you can decide yourself.

Set up the new sync location on the Mac, upload your database(s), afterwards add the same sync location on all other devices/computers and disable (not remove!) the iCloud sync location too. If everything should work as expected, then you can clean the iCloud sync store (see contextual menu) and finally remove it.

Can you sync the same database with 2 locations? do they not conflict?

You could but it’s usually not recommended for personal usage, only a sync store plus Bonjour makes sense in such a scenario. Multiple sync stores would only slow down the sync, cause more network traffic and require more cloud/disk space (depending on the sync store).

Multiple sync stores for the same databases make of course sense for teams.

Hmmm I see, so right now I have uploaded all my databases to both iCloud and WebDav.

So whenever I make an edit it pushes it to both WebDav and iCloud.

So now I should go on my iPad and try out disabling iCloud sync and seeing whether things still sync?

All in the spirit of gathering data and trying for yourself. :grinning:

It’s not me who wants to do it! :wink:

Ok I have now set up WebDav encrypted sync and iCloud both on both devices. Which iCloud do i turn off first and how should i test that it’s all working?

The order doesn’t matter, just disable it on all devices. Afterwards change a database and try to synchronize via WebDAV to the iPad.

Ok, it’s all working quite well haha, at which point does everything get wiped from iCloud? When no location is syncing with it? or do i have to do that manually

You have to manually clean the sync store (see contextual menu).

I see, thank you, so I just click clean database?

Seems to all be working fine :smiley:

By the way is it correct to set the sync store name as exactly the same for all devices?

Actually it has to be the same, otherwise each device would use its own sync store without knowing about the others.