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Good morning,
I use devonthink on my mac and ios devices, iPhone and ipad. The synchronization runs over a webdav server between iPhone and Mac the state is always the same. On the ipad data is missing in my devonthink databases. I have already disabled and re-enabled webdav. But still only a part is synchronized. Use the latest devonthink and ios version on each device.
Does anyone have any idea?

Is anything logged in the log in DT or DTTG? What kind of data is missing? In the sync settings in DTTG on the iPad, is the last sync shown to be recent, or is sync maybe not working at all?

How do I see the DTTG protocol? According to the settings everything is synchronized.

the translation: Location successfully verified.
Some pdf files missing in my base.

Simply tap the cloud symbol in the bar at the bottom (if it has no triangle symbol superimposed, then the log does not contain any warnings).

I’m sorry, I don’t download PDFs from untrusted sources (nothing personal), so if there is anything of use in the image, please post the image inline in the thread.

What kind of data are you missing?

I have answered in the text before.

Are you syncing more that one database? Are the missing files all in the same database? Are they missing in the sense that they are completely absent, or in the sense that they are listed but not downloaded?

yes synchronize multiple databases. One private and one for work. The private one is complete. Within the work database data is missing, i.e. not visible. On my iPhone or Mac I see the data completely. I also noticed that some data is displayed twice.
There should be 12-15 pdfs in each folder. The 2017 folder is not synchronized at all. But 2018 is displayed 2 times.

The original files are on my NAS.

I’d prefer that Jim weigh in here (@BLUEFROG), but to me that sounds as if you need to clean the sync store and re-upload it. If there is no data on your iPad DTTG which hasn’t been synced to your Mac, I think I would simply delete the database on the iPad and sync it back; if the problem then persists, I would clean the sync store and then again sync the database back to the iPad.

However, Jim may have a more surgical solution.

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I don’t see where you responded about anything logged in DEVONthink’s Window > Log.

Please post a screen capture of DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync with the sync location selected.

Also, go into DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, tap the sync location, and post a screen capture of the Databases list.

The databases are displayed. Only my work database is incompletely synchronized on my iPad.

I tried it, unfortunately no improvement.

The last screenshot seems to indicate a missing location. Also, I’m wondering about the “volume not mounted” messages in the log. Did you store DT data on external hard disks or network volumes?

Yes, my data is stored on a network server. The log error is since the update to 3.8.3 see article Help: Irritating Log Message

Your Log window is showing the home and DT-1 volumes aren’t mounted.
I’m guessing one or the other is necessary in the situation. Please clarify.

PS: If you are putting your DEVONthink databases on an NAS, we don’t suggest this unless you are on a gigabit Ethernet connection.

It is mountend. I see the path in my finder

And you can access its content, too?

Yes i can on my iPhone it works best

Is there a particular reason you put the database(s) on a NAS (not recommended by DEVONthink with indeterminate consequences) and instead put on local device (computer, phone, etc) and rely on sync?

Use the NAS for webdav sync and zip backups but not for routine access might avoid the syncing issue you have.

It’s because I have limited memory on my ios devices. And it runs without problems between iPhone and Mac.

Ok. But, you are having problems as you post here at top and you are getting some advice here.

Given limited memory on iOS devices, do you really need so much data on the iOS devices?