Tag colors in DT3

DT3 allows a wide range of colors for tags as discussed here

But…as far as I can tell these don’t sync to DTTG nor do they color Finder tags when tagged files are exported.

  1. Are there plans to add tag color to DTTG?
  2. Could there be an option to limit the possible colors to the Finder tag colors and have them sync?
  3. Also, on DT3 on the Mac, it would be helpful to be able to sort or group the list by color (where sorting by color = sorting by hex value).

I’d prefer to use colors for tag classification but I don’t want to invest time in setting up a feature that will be locked into DT3 on the Mac only.

  1. Eventually, I’m sure it will. Soon? No.
  2. Finder Tags and labels don’t operate that way, so no. Finder labels are fixed values.
  3. You can show the Label column, but @cgrunenberg would have to comment on its sortability.

Noted but not planned currently.