Take a rtf note with the web link

With Safari on my MacBook, when I find something interesting, I send it to DEVONthink Pro as a rtf note and it keeps the original web link.

With DEVONthink to go on my iPad, I would like to have the same ability. Is it something we might expect to have?

You’ll have it now if you install the DEVONthink bookmarklets in Safari on your desktop and sync your Safari bookmarks to iPad or iPhone. There’s a bookmarklet that clips selected text from iOS Safari to DTTG.

Thanks! :smiley:

I have the ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ and ‘Selection’ bookmarklets installed in Safari on desktop and iPad. They work on the Mac (Safari 6.0, OSX 10.7.4). But on the iPad (iOS 5.1.1) they activate DTTG (1.2.8 ) but no note with the original URL appears. In fact no note appears at all. Are there settings I need to change? Or different bookmarklets to install?

The HTML, plain text and rich text bookmarklets will work.

The bookmarklets work with Safari on iPad. But although the URL is captured to DTTG, unfortunately DTTG doesn’t sync the captured URL to DEVONthink on Mac. When is this going to be functional?

Congrats on DTTG 2.0!

How can I capture selection of text from Mobile Safari together with url (the way I select, shift-command-) on the Mac. (Clip to DEVONTHINK captures whole page, not a selection). Old bookmarklets don’t seem to work with DTTG 2.0.

Is there a solution using Workflow, Drafts, something else?