Textbundle support


Hiya folks, and happy new year.

Just a simple request: textbundle files don’t currently display on DTTG. It’d be great if that could be improved!


Textbundles support may be in a future release, but they are not widely known or used.


Thats the problem isn’t it? Programs do not use it because it is not widely known or used. It is not widely known because programs do not use it. I like text bundle a lot since it takes that folder with a bunch of pictures and files and makes it one easy zip file that makes it easy to open across different programs. in the age of iPhone sharing, it solves that hassle with sharing markdown documents.


But again, this requires buy-in from other developers too. Bear in mind too, the project hasn’t seen any obvious activity in a long time (Textbundle 2 was released in October 2014).

That being said, it’s still on our radar for potential enhancements to future releases.


Just wanted to add that I’m seeking it out because of Ulysses’ support—it’s the best way I’ve found to get reliable (e.g., effective across platforms) image embedding within a markdown file. As far as I can see textbundle is gradually gaining in use across these markdown word processors.

Is there a way to use DEVONthink item links to achieve this universally on macOS and iOS? If so I might switch back to .md files.

(For clarity, the current non-textbundle workflow is approximately…

  1. Write a markdown file, need to include an image
  2. Drop an image into a folder somewhere, copy the file path
  3. Add an image markdown tag and paste the file path
  4. Hope it works when opened later on a different device
  5. Open it later on a different device, realize it doesn’t work
  6. Cry a little)


Hi there! I’d like to add my vote for this particular feature. I know it’s not widely supported but at present, here are two major applications that I have evaluated and that do support it:

Keep It

Moving from those apps to DTP would be easier with text bundle support. And those two apps are simpler than DT, so it does make sense that someone might want to migrate from Keep It or Bear to DTP.


Welcome @NotDonneYet

This may be a feature of the next major release, but I can’t promise what degree of support will be included.