The difference between syncing via legacy and cloudkit

Hello! What is the difference between syncing via legary and cloudkit, and is cloudkit syncing much better?
Sorry, I have no knowledge of computers. :grimacing:

I have update to DTTG3.0 and DTP3.6.2

If you didn’t use iCloud sync locations so far (now called “iCloud (Legacy)”), then the new “iCloud (CloudKit)” sync locations are definitely recommended. They’re faster, synchronous and don’t require as much CPU time.

Oh! Thank you for your amazing update work. :partying_face:
A question: if I have my old DT data on iCloud cloud, but I haven’t used iCloud sync for a long time, and now I have many new files added to Devonthink on my computer. I now want to delete the data on iCloud and replace them completely with my current computer side data. What is the correct and safe way to do this?
Thank you very much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just clean the iCloud (Legacy) sync location by Control-clicking it and choosing Clean Location.
Also disable the legacy location on other Macs or in DEVONthink To Go before cleaning on the Mac.


Does CloudKit also use temp files on the drive, or is it now able to do without it? It was filling my drive like crazy.

The CloudKit sync is a single-stage sync writing directly to Apple’s server, similar to Dropbox.

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What does clean location do? Didn’t get any feedback message after doing it.

After that, I can remove location (legacy)? Do I then go to iCloud to delete any DB/files?


Always check Window > Log or the Log popover in the toolbar. You’ll also see the database is unchecked and the message under the database’s name notes the database hasn’t synced. And yes you could delete the legacy location, if you choose to.

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@BLUEFROG Is there a way to see if we did the right order of disable/clean/remove on the Legacy iCloud parts? I think I did, but I’d like to validate I don’t have orphaned files taking up space in iCloud.

If you didn’t do it correctly, databases would show up in the Remote section of the Databases list when you select the legacy sync location in DEVONthink.

Amazing! Thank you very much.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

excellent! if this works more transparently it will have corrected the single biggest weakness of DT – syncing hassle! great job ya’ll! now on to mailing items into DT directly! [wink wink]. Seriously I love DT and appreciate [and pay for] the continuous work ya’ll do to make it better! great job and congrats to the team for the DTTG improvements.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

just downloaded the DTTG 3 and had to laugh at the snowy scenes background on the intro slides. I am at my house in South Florida and it is 73F [ca.23C] this morning with palm trees and bougainvillea outside. used to live in the Netherlands 15 minutes from Germany so I appreciate the difference.

I probably did something wrong, I today deleted on my mac 2 databases and I didn’t sync this deletion with legacy sync.

I deleted the database on every other device, but it was after choosing cloudkit sync on them.
I still have them haunting me on cloudkit as remote even If I don’t have them anywhere locally :frowning: Refresh doesn’t do anything and clean is grey

Control-click the unwanted databases in the Remote section of the sync location and clean them. Simple and done! :blush:

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Thanks! Yes, it worked now, I tried it before when databases were still syncing due to problem from the topic below. I wasn’t able to do that, but after other databases synced it worked!