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So, to my question: I am on the lookout for a To Do app but have not decided yet. Per now it looks like I have narrowed it down to three candidates: Omnifocus, Things and Todoist.

What I am wondering is which one of those three have the best integration/capabilities with DevonThink?
Any thoughts or experiences you have that set one of them aside as a better companion with DT?

I also use Tinderbox in the same setup. Also, I plan to buy the DTTG as well. If that has any impact.

Can you say a little more about what you want with “integration” between the apps?

  • DEVONthink of course the Item Link that can be used in any of the three you mentioned.
  • All three (OmniFocus, Things and ToDoist) can put links to tasks on the clipboard, that you could use in the URL field of a DEVONthink document.
  • OmniFocus is very scriptable and there is a built-in script in DEVONthink to create an OmniFocus task for the selected document or group from DEVONthink
  • You can drag a document from DEVONthink to each of the three, with various levels of success, in my experience.

But these are all linking feature and somewhat manual to set up and curate. You cannot browse tasks from any of them in DEVONthink.

There is, however, a new app on the horizon, Hook, which I’ve been testing (and you can sign up to test). I’ve worked with Hook, OmniFocus and DEVONthink, and believe Hook will offer a greater level of “integration” by facilitating the creation and management of a mesh of inter-app and inter-document links.

OmniFocus is big, and not entirely intuitive – but is the 900 pound gorilla of task management. Don’t buy OF if all you want is a list of stuff to do. Things is simple but has some limitations. ToDoist has a lot of interesting features if you don’t mind the annual cost.


That’s a good question. I have been using Todoist for a long time and have many integrations through IFTTT and Zapier (Pocket, Trello, Evernote, etc.) As a new DT user I am curious about whether I can also do things with DT and Todoist.

Thank you for a very comprehensive reply.

I plan to use it for my upcoming Bachelor studies. As I have not startet yet and have never used a To Do app I must say I don’t know what type of features I will need. But from your reply and what I have read it seems Omnifocus and Todoist are the best alternatives.

On another note; are there any import/export features between DT and Notebooks?

I have never used Omnifocus, but having listened to long discussions about it on some podcasts like Mac Power Users, I have come to the conclusion that is big and complicated and way overkill for me. (And my needs aren’t trivial). I have liked Todoist and have heard good things about Things 3 but I don’t have any experience with that either.

Thanks for your reply. I’m wondering; are there any import/export features between DT and Notebooks?

There are a few apps with the name – I assume you mean Alfons Schmid’s “Notebooks”?

Notebooks keeps its files in a folder in their native format – PDF, Markdown, etc., – so you can index that folder in DEVONthink.

Some more info here

@korm Yes, that is the Notebooks I am referring to.

So by indexing the Notebooks folder those documents will show up in DT and I can OCR the PDFs in DT? If so, all my problems are solved.


If you OCR a PDF in DEVONthink, one that resides in an external indexed folder, make sure that the new PDF + Text document is “moved to external folder”. See the contextual menu.

You probably need to have Notebooks re-sync with its external folder too.

If you want to reorganize files in the indexed Notebooks folder, do that in Notebooks.

That’s great! I’ll do the housecleaning within Notebooks folder.

I must say I’m very appreciative of your helpful support. Thank you!

Thanks for the heads-up on Hook. I will check it out.

Welcome @Ranger756 :slight_smile:

I have used Things, OmniFocus and Todoist… and settled in a preference of them in that order. With Things 3 that came out 2 years ago I have stuck with it and not looked back. The main integration between any of these apps and the task app is via the DEVONthink item link. Things works splendidly with them. Just select an item in DEVONthink and use the Things clipping keyboard shortcut and a new task is created with the special DEVONthink link already placed in the Notes field so you can click on it later. Going the other way (from DT to Things) is possible as well as Things has links too that can be copied and pasted anywhere so when you hit them you goto that place in Things, these could be pasted in DEVONthink if you wanted to. The really great part is that all this syncs between Mac and iOS and the links work on both platforms so you can use the links on iPhone and Mac and they do the same thing if you have the apps installed.


I settled on 2do

It seems Mac intuitive, easy but with loads of flexibility once I get to know the app. Tried Todoist, Omnifocus and Things but found 2do to be easier to operate.


I used 2Do for a year as well. It is very good and all the linking should work as well, except I am not sure 2Do has links for it’s own projects and tasks, but it might.

I think it should work fine as I use DTP as only a database unrelated to 2do. I will try to make some connection to Notebooks as @korm explained earlier. I’m just being lazy atm.

Hi to all, my first post on the new Discourse forum. Like it :slight_smile:
I’m using 2Do as well after having tried many other ToDo apps through the past years. 2Do integrates nicely with DTP through the share sheet (except that I can’t open the link back to the DTP item with a “unauthorised” message).
The main reason I stick to 2Do is that it uses the Apple Reminders Database. This means that I can use any other compatible software on other platforms and stay in sync. This is important to me because it happened that an app took either too long to add features (Things 2) or just disappeared (Clear Todos) and all I had to start all over again !

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Surly you can do that. Meaning take a document in DT3 or DTPO and with a script Urins x-callback you can create a task or Project in 2Do with the UUID of the doc in DT.

I absolutely love 2Do! The best todo app out there as it relies on Apple Reminders but adds additional functionality.
I have updated one of the reminders scripts to add a link to a document to 2Do. Linked todo items and documents then work across platforms! Means when adding a todo entry linked to a document, clicking the link under IOS opens the document from DTTG!

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I have used all three apps that you mentioned. I would recommend Things 3, keeping a balance between simplicity and features. If your workflow relies on Windows environment (e.g. softwares not available on OSX), then choose Todoist. Omnifocus does well if you need to handle complex projects, but I doubt university study needs it.