Twitter feed is invalid since June 09, 2020

Hello, there are any news on the Twitter issue? It doesn’t work since June.

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No, there is no news on this issue. It’s not something we can fix. This issue occurs in other feed applications like Vienna.

I am relieved to know it is not just me. The workaround I found is adding a twitter feed as a URL. This is a screencast of problem and workaround I sent to DT support earlier this month. Kinda clumsy solution

  • Twitter Feed: No feed shows. I have to add as a Web Archive

For what it’s worth: in fooling around with this problem I tried using to create feeds that would refresh in DT. (WARNING: brand-n00b with DT trying to set up.) It actually worked quite well creating feeds for Twitter users and lists. But I think the price (USD 9.99/mo) is a little steep for the functionality provided so still looking for solutions.

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Thanks for the input.

Are there any news?


Maybe so.

I have just discovered, and have written a short message about it.

Test it out and let us know!

Bye, Luca

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