Twitter RSS feed alternative found

Hello everyone,

I have been reviewing David Sparks’ DEVONthink Field Guide and am learning finer details of this amazing application. It’s kind of going back to school again!

One thing I was unaware of is the fact that the Twitter feed feature in DT3 does not seem to be working any longer due to an external service used in the past to create the Twitter RSS feed which went offline.

Thru the months and years there have been a number of discussions, including this latest one which has been updated even just a few hours ago:

Let me offer an alternative I have just found:

Source code is available on GitHub at GitHub - snarfed/granary: 💬 The social web translator.

I have just tried to make it work, and the initial results are good.

I would encourage anyone interested in solving the Twitter feed issue to take a look.

I will keep testing it and will be happy to read other users’ feedback.

Bye, Luca

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Adding to my own message for those who are interested in going a little deeper, this is the message that made me discover, and that also discusses another strategy which is NOT dependent on a third-party server to fetch the Twitter data for you and generate the feed.

This is very much worth reading, especially if you’d like to run your code and possibly modify it to suit your needs of formatting your RSS feed.

Bye, Luca


Thanks for sharing your findings. Interesting stuff for sure!

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Reeder (closed source) i NetNewsWire (open source) RSS Reeders have an option to include user or list as a feed

Absolutely looking forward to being able to pull in a Twitter feed directly to DEVONthink again!

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RSS-Bridge is another option that works fairly well for Twitter and other sites, for which there is no RSS feed per default.

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I use nitter to subscribe to rss from specific people on twitter


Apparently Goodlinks captures Tweets and threads without service dependencies, but I’ve not tried it yet - there’s no magic DEVONthink integration (but could be worth considering in future, as Goodlines is an excellent offline reader and page capture tool, with integrated markdown export and scripting interfaces I have yet to explore/befoul)