UI Screen after script execution


Is it an expected behaviour to see this greyed out area after the script is executed?

What script?

Any script.
My question is whether it is normal expected UI behaviour to have this are greyed out and shown all the time?
This one shows the same area with RSS refreshing.
The picture above is the normal state when nothing is happening. I believe it used to look differently as this area would only pop up once any script/action was happening - and otherwise would disappear. I might be wrong thou.

This screenshot looks correct, the Activity pane should only be visible when there are any activities.

That is exactly NOT the case here. See my first screenshot above where there is not activity but the pane is still down there.
After I reboot devonthink, this come back to normal:

Are you able to reproduce the issue?

I did some further tests, for now this is gone although it did appear a few times. Maybe that was some transient effect. I will keep this thread posted if it will re-appear.