Unable to edit DTTG 3 PDF in PDF Expert - SOLVED

No freezing here in the interbal build.

@BLUEFROG I can ask the Readdle folks to install the internal DTTG build and retry. How could they do that? Is there a TestFlight link?

Meanwhile I’ll let them know that no one in this forum reproduced a crashing or freezing bug when sharing PDFs from DTTG.

I’m not holding my hopes up high that Readdle will ever fix this. The issue was reported to them over two years ago (I’ve also sent them numerous video captures and whatnot), and for the past year they have, understandably, had more pressing matters.

Still, as PDF Expert is not exactly cheap, it would have been nice for them to have fixed this or at least thoroughly investigated. I am now doing most of my annotations when needed in DTTG anyway.

We’d be more than happy to supply a TestFlight build to their developers. Please feel free to give them my email address for contacting me personally (see personal message).

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Thank you, @eboehnisch. I’ll write back to Readdle right now. Hoping a “vendor meet” of sorts will be possible, so that the nagging issue will be resolved.

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We’ve been in contact with Readdle years ago but more to the marketing side. On the development side we haven’t yet been able to establish a proper connection. Thank you for your efforts!

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While not an activist by either nature or nurture, may I suggest that as many of us as possible write to Readdle directly? I sense a lack of incentive on their part to address this presumably “niche” issue.

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Their headquarter is in Ukraine. Which might mean that they have more pressing daily issues than fixing bugs in their software. Just saying…


I agree with @chrillek. I know that last year they did their development and support work while seeking shelter in the subway. Regardless, with @macula being in contact I think we’re in good shape and things will develop as they can, given the circumstances.

Fully agree, but this issue has been reported to them a year before the war started (I have sent them numerous screen recordings and screenshots in 2021, to no response except that this will be investigated and that there will be a follow up).

Readdle has also confirmed the issue so either it’s not important, they cannot solve it (due to iOS limitations, which is possible), or they got distracted by other things going on around them.


Woo-hoo! Fixed in DTTG 3.6.5! :partying_face:


Indeed :slight_smile:


I just tested this today and PDF Expert is working fine for me, with highlights syncing correctly.


Thanks for the confirmation. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to see that the DDTG and PDF Expert integration is working for some users, and I’m hoping there’s a way that I can make this work as well. At the moment, I am unable to open files from DTTG via PDF Expert’s “files” menu. I can navigate to the files, but nothing happens when I click on them. I am able to open other files via this menu, but nothing from DTTG. This behavior is consistent both with files that ARE present on my iPad, having been downloaded there directly through DTTG, and those that have not yet been dowloaded through DTTG but appear because they are indexed and I am synced with DT3P. This behavior is consistent across multiple databases and the global inbox. I am running DTTG 3.7.2; PDF Expert; 2017 iPad Pro iOS 16.5. I welcome any suggestions.

I appear to have resolved the issue, but will leave the post above in case this is of use to someone else. The problem appears to be that I had not yet deleted DTTG 2.7.9. Once I deleted that, I could access items through PDF Expert’s “files” menu, and those changes synced up to DT3P and appear on my Mac.


Welcome @jlc
Thanks for posting the follow-up. We’re glad to hear things are working now. :slight_smile:

As it turns out, the workflow still has a problem in terms of lost annotations, and I’m wondering if there’s a simple fix. Let me say at the outset, that I (1) often work offline, particularly on my iPad, (2) generally have a slow wi-fi connection when I do have internet, and (3) often use my iPad for reading PDF books, which can be large files. When I use the PDF Expert files menu to open a file from DDTG3, the file is opening properly, and it saves properly if I prompt a save by opening DDTG3 again immediately after making changes in PDF Expert. But this only appears to work if I am online at the time. I had expected that any changes made in PDF Expert would be “saved” locally in that program AS LONG AS THE PDF FILE WINDOW REMAINED OPEN, and would then cascade up the cloud the next time I opened DDTG3. (When I say “opened” I mean shifted to the already open app.) This is not what I’m observing. Instead, many annotations I had made while offline disappeared between one day and the next, even though PDF Expert remained unclosed on my iPad and the file in question remained open on that app. (DDTG3 also remained unclosed.) I currently have PDF Expert’s “Download from cloud” set to “ask everytime,” though it did not ask me for the files I tested and I believe it is defaulting to “Preserve server path.” I assume changing this to “inbox” or “downloads” would be safer, but then I don’t know how to have my annotations cascade back up to DTTG3. I recall that DDTG2.7 had an option to overwrite the file in the database with the file from an external app, but, (1) I no longer see this option and, (2) even if such an option exists, I’m concerned about what this would mean for metadata: would metadata be lost if the external program (in this case PDF Expert) doesn’t use the metadata? I hope to have explained the situation sufficiently. I will be grateful for any suggestions.

I have a somewhat similar experience with @jlc

After several (renewed) attempts across 4 days to make annotations with PDF Expert, I also have to say it’s not fixed, at least not completely. I have lost several notes made in PDF Expert which were not saved back to DTTG.

I noticed that sometimes it did work, while other times it didn’t.

  • Especially, if I just open a document in PDF Expert via DTTG’s Files integration, make some quick annotations, then quickly switch back to DTTG, all in a relatively short time, the annotations are generally saved back to DTTG successfully.
  • But if I stay in PDF Expert for long time reading, making annotations along the way, then (after maybe 30min+, 1hour+, it depends) switch back to DTTG, the annotations are likely not saved back.

Hope there will be a patch (for the patch). For the time being, I’ll continue to use index-with-icloud-folder method for those pdf files which I need to read with PDF Expert…