Unable to repair database of indexed files

I have a database of indexed files on Mac. I cannot sync to my iPad because the iPad says database needs to be repaired. I attempt to repair and I get 3 inconsistencies, and 0 invalid, 0 missing, 0 orphaned. I hit repair. repair fails, 3 errors left.

I deleted the database. created a new one. reindexed the files. same results.

help please. thanks.

Where are you indexing the files from?

an external hard drive.

Start a support ticket via our bug reporting mechanism and include a copy of the Window > Log contents.

Thanks, by going through the log I was able to find the offending files. deleted, emptied trash, everything is good. Didn’t realize the log would have the specific info I needed. Good to know for next time. Thanks again!


Happy that your problem is solved. But just curious: Did it happen after upgrading ?

(RE: Database inconsistencies after upgrade to DT3.6.3)

You’re welcome and glad the log was fruitful for you :slight_smile: