Uninstall DEVONthink 2


Now that DT3 has been released, what’s the best way to go about removing DT2, yet keep the shared files and bits that DT3 needs? I have a couple different apps (including App Cleaner Pro) that do a great job of this, but I want to make sure that it’s not going to mess up DT3.

Pictured is what it wants to remove. Do you agree with this?

You might find this existing thread helpful but I strongly suspect the immediately relevant advice would be not to use any “cleaner” app.


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@Stephen_C is correct in our stance on uninstaller utilities.

@BLUEFROG - Hey Jim!

The instructions that I’ve found for removing DT2/DTOP haven’t been as thorough as the automated app cleaner is, as I’ve seen no mention of the various plists and .com folders and files, which I’m hoping to remove. Can you provide or point me to instructions for clearing away all of the unnecessary debris?

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