Unread topics list


In the previous incarnation I was able to see at a glance a list of postings that I had not previously seen, I can not fins a way of doing this now. Is this still available?


The popup menu in the upper right corner includes an “Unread” link. What’s part of this list depends on your preferences. Personally I prefer the “Latest” list as there’s a divider just before my last visit.


For all Discourse forums I follow, I bookmark the “Latest” view as the best starting point.


This is what I do as well.

It behaves differently here, though. There are discussions that seem to be excluded from view without digging for them – such as the one where suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

This is the one I mean.

Also: The behavior where you are taken to the product home page when you click the top banner has, sadly, returned. Was this intentional?


@dtapley @korm In case you aren’t aware, you can also set your Default home page to Latest in Preference > Interface. That way if you navigate to the forum without a bookmark it opens to Latest by default.

As for the return to home, I think they returned it to send to the company site and added the home button for forum home. I prefer the MacPowerUsers way which is the Forum name returns to the forum home then the globe icon in the upper right sends you to the MPU site on Relay.fm.


Yes, both @korm and I were already pointing out that we have our preference set to “Latest.” Or, I thought we did.

As for the difference between how this place is configured and how every single other Discourse forum I belong to is configured… well I guess I’ll just have to get used to it,

But it sure is annoying.


We chose linking the company logo to our website because that’s what it does also on our main website. However, we understand that almost any other Discourse-based forum uses the logo here for going back to the main page. We’ve changed it so that it works as expected and added a globe icon that leads home to our website.